Jeta e fakultetit është ëndrra më e bukur që ti ke parë ndonjëherë dhe s’do ta shikosh më kurrë.

                    Gjergj Kastrioti (1405 January 17, 1468), better known as Scanderbeg, was an Albanian prince who united the Albanian tribes of Epirus , Albania and a Slavic tribe from Montenegro in resisting the expanding Ottoman Empire for 25 years. Today he’s considered a national hero of Albania.

Obliged by the Ottomans to pay tribute to the Empire, and to ensure the fidelity of local rulers, Gjon Kastrioti’s sons were taken by the Sultan to his court as hostages. In 1423, Gjergj Kastrioti and his three brothers were taken by the Turks. He attended military school and led many battles for the Ottoman Empire. He was awarded for his military victories with the title Iskander Bey (Albanian transliteration: Skenderbeu, English transliteration: Scanderbeg, In Turkish this title means Lord or Prince Alexander, in honor of Alexander the Great). Scanderbeg soon switched sides and came back to his native land to successfully defend Albania against the Ottoman Empire until the time of his death.


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